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Shawn Ehlers
tel: 917-721-7941

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Shawn’s Ehlers career as a model and now as a photographer has given her the opportunity to pursue her greatest passion which is photographing and teaching new talent.

As a model, she was booked for top fashion and beauty campaigns: Chanel, Gucci, Maybelline and Gianni Versace. She walked the runways of all the major fashion designers and was represented by Elite and Ford model agencies.

Her modeling career led her to become a model coach and develop several exciting workshops which she took across the US. Shawn’s renowned workshop, “Walk This Way” was featured in “Glamour Magazine” and “Fox Channel Five News” for it’s ability to instill self-confidence through movement.

As a professional photographer working with aspiring models, Shawn understands the importance of moving well in front of the camera which sparked her to produce the DVD “Model Moves”. This instructional DVD shows models how to move confidently in front of the camera and includes tips and information that only a professional model would know. It’s Shawn’s passion to shoot new talent, making them shine in their photos so they get representation from top agencies!


"Shawn’s photos helped get me representation with a top NYC fashion agency."

—Veit C., Soul Artist Management

"I put myself entirely in Shawn’s expert hands and walked away with a truly marvelous set of photos. Sent my photos out and immediately was contacted by a major model agency. Thank you Shawn!"

—Jerry M.

"Not only did I get signed with a top model agency in NYC because of Shawn’s photos, her photos are still in my portfolio and have gotten me work!"

—Conor M., Soul Artist Management

"It was such a pleasure to work with Shawn. Not a seasoned model myself, she made me feel at ease and was so helpful throughout the shoot giving me pointers as we went along. The final product was nothing but perfection and you would never guess it was my first shoot.  She gave me the confidence necessary to believe I can succeed!"

—Dawn D.

"I’ve had two shoots with Shawn and each time has been a fun learning experience. Shawn is someone who is so easy to relate to and her overall cheerful personality makes working with her seem like anything but work. Her experience as a model was evidently very helpful in making each photo suit its purpose perfectly. I look forward to working with her again soon! Shawn is a smart and inspirational woman who I know has taught me many things, whether it’s about modeling or health or happiness."

—Erica D., Images NYC

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